Monday, 5 August 2013

How To Curl Hair With Curling Iron

Curling irons are the best option to get professional looking hairstyles, but if you don't have the right know-how then you could spend hours and end up with a style that looks like a birds nest. So here are some tips to get the style you've been dreaming of.

By changing the width and orientation of the sections of hair, you can create either spiral, wavy or ribbon curls. You can create a spiral curl with a small-medium size barrel and by using smaller sections of hair randomly to avoid obvious rows. Wrap it around the barrel and leave it on a little longer, then to make sure that the curls keeps its shape hold the hair as you slide it off the barrel and scrunch it up so it doesn't drop. Spray with holding spray to set the style and then gently loosen apart the sections with your fingers for a natural look.

For a wavy curl, use wide sections of hair and as you hold the root, wrap the section of hair around the barrel. Hold for 5-7 seconds and slide the barrel out. While the curl is still warm, gently pull on the end of the hair to loosen and elongate the curl. Always start curling hair from the lower sections first and finish with the top layer.

Ribbon curls resemble the gift ribbon you see on fancy packages and they're a bit trickier to achieve. Start the curl at least to inches away from the root of the hair. The width of the hair must be kept flat against the barrel at all times and the section of the hair cannot get twisted as it goes around. If you wish to loosen or lengthen them, only gently pull on the section at the tip of the hair.

There are many other types of curls and waves that you can achieve with a curling iron, but as a tip you might want to get a clipless curling iron for the job since spring models have a clip on the barrel that will get in the way while you attempt to create a different style. Also, always remember to use heat protectant before you use a curler and a holding spray afterwards to keep the style in place. There are many instructional videos online that will help you with your desired style, but first make sure that you have a good quality curling iron for the best results.

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